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If you’re anything like me, you can lose hours on Wikipedia clicking through the links and playing the ‘Wiki Game’, or testing your wit in various trivia games and quizzes. Using Oxford Reference, we’ve crafted our own pirate themed quiz that you can take. Do you know your way around the high seas or are you more of a landlubber?



Treasure chest

Well shiver my timbers, would you look at that! A true pirate expert.

Aaarghh! Better luck next time.


#1. When was the Golden Age of piracy?

While present for just about all of recorded history, the British and Anglo-American Golden Age of piracy was between 1660 – 1730. Information on piracy in general and British and Anglo-American pirates can be found at the attached links.


#2. Who was Blackbeard?

Blackbeard, born Edward Teach, was known for using ribbons to tie up the ends of his beard and put them over his ears. You can read more about Edward Teach, Robert Blake, and Compte Louis Antoine de Bougainville by following the links attached to their name.


#3. Who was Bluebeard?

Bluebeard was not in fact a real person, although there is a suggestion he was modeled after Gilles de Rais. Charles Perrault penned the most widely known version of this formerly oral tale. Unrelated to the story, you can also read more about Matthew Flinders and George Shelvocke.


#4. Who was Barbarossa?

More of a family name, Barbarossa refers to several of the sons and one grandson of Yakub of Mitylene. Read more about Francois Thurot, Alexander Selkirk, and Erik the Red by following the links attached to their names.


#5. What is a letter of marque?

A letter of marque essentially legalized piracy as long as it was directed towards the enemies of the letter issuer. A marquess, or more commonly marquis is a familial title within the British aristocracy, and a black mark is an informal negative note against a person’s character.


#6. What does it mean to be 'three sheets in the wind'?

If you are ‘three sheets in the wind’, you’re drunk! Or just unable to sail properly even with extra assistance.


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