Art Exhibits

Crow Cries by Joan Baldwin

September 2022 Exhibits

Joan Baldwin’s Oil Paintings & Martina Werner’s Small Worlds

Joan Baldwin’s Statement

My show is an overview of work spanning the last fifteen years or so. It consists of oil paintings on canvas and 3-dimensional terrarium type containers. The diorama-like format of the terrariums incorporates natural outdoor scenes painted in oil on Masonite as the background with collage elements added. My imagery is from photos I have taken of the scenery at Pleasant Bay at Cape Cod or while traveling. I explore, take photographs, and then return to the photos to paint from a combination of memory and my own vision. 

For many years while living in North Carolina, I was an illustrator of furniture and then I started using furniture as my subject matter in my fine art. Over the years, the furniture has become very imaginative, usually taking on human qualities. I’ve recently expanded my subject matter to include animals and Italian gargoyles along with furniture in my surreal compositions.

Joan is a graduate of Purdue University. B.A. Art Education. Her art has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers, including the Somerville Museum, the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, Brandeis University and seven solo shows at the Kingston Gallery in the SOWA district of Boston. Joan has won many awards including the Mass. Cultural Council Grant Finalist Award in 1999 for works on paper. Her studio is at Waltham Mills Artists Association in Waltham and her web site is

Martina Werner’s Statement

My show displays mini dioramas in small tins, which are called “Pocket Scapes”. They depict various imagined scenes and little landscapes, often centered around animals and nature. Some of the Pocket Scapes include elements of fairy tales and mythology. These whimsical little dioramas are meant to draw the viewer’s gaze inside imagined worlds. Recycled materials are always a major part of  the compositions. I also like to incorporate natural materials such as pebbles, sand, sea shells, moss or twigs into my pieces.

Martina’s website is

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