Art Exhibits

Sabatia kennedyana (Plymouth Gentian) by Joyce Westner; watercolor on vellum.
Coffee arabica L. (Coffee Plant, Arabic Coffee) by Judith M. Bloomgarden; watercolor.

November 2023 Exhibit

About the Artists

This month’s exhibit consists of works by local botanical artists who paint together at what we’ve come to call “Winch Studio.” We are members of the American Society of Botanical Artists and its local chapter, the New England Society of Botanical Artists.

About the Art

We paint portraits of plants with their details rendered accurately, based on scientific illustration techniques, but with an eye for an aesthetically pleasing image (we hope you agree!). We work in watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink, and graphite (pencil), and you may see some pieces done not on paper but on animal skin
(velum), a traditional surface from the early days of documenting plants.

Labels indicate the common plant name and the Latin scientific plant name.

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Submit Your Work

Visit the Art in the Library page for information on how to submit your art for consideration.