Art Exhibits

Whimsical Seascape (2022) by Eugene Styller

May 2023 Exhibit

Whimsical Surrealism by Eugene Styller

There is still time to see the May exhibit, consisting of 21 different pieces, in 7 different locations around the Library!

Artist’s Statement

I was engaged in drawing and painting at a young age. For several years I studied art in an art studio. I have diplomas from Moscow young artists’ regional exhibitions. For some personal reasons, I didn’t apply to an art school. Instead I studied chemistry and worked at a research institute. All this time, I did not miss any major art exhibitions in Moscow in the 50s, 60s, and 70s….

In 2019 I put off work on a new book and after a break of 65 years I took up painting. So far, I’ve had seven exhibitions: in the Libraries of Cambridge, Burlington, Lexington, Lincoln, and Wilmington. The first two I called As I See It, the next three Whimsical Animation and Whimsical Banana Animation, and the last two Whimsical Surrealism. This spring I participated in two group exhibitions: at Umbrella Gallery in Concord and at Brookhaven in Lexington.

My work has been featured in several local papers: The Concord Journal, Lexington Times Magazine, Lexington Minuteman, Daily Times Chronicle, The Lincoln Journal, and Burlington Union.

A few years ago I published a book titled How to Eat Smart in Time of Global Obesity. It is available from some Minuteman libraries and Merrimack libraries and at I am a member of the Cambridge Art Association and Lexington Arts and Craft Society.

In my paintings I bring to life bananas, peppers, potatoes, etc., as well as everyday items like a coffee cup, bread, and other items. By giving my potatoes funny human faces, I aim to elicit smiles and laughter from visitors, bringing a little happiness into their lives

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