When Little Ones Have the Wiggles: An Activity and A Booklist

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Rainy days are hard, especially for young ones. We’re all stuck inside right now so we’ve got to get creative with how to keep our little ones from completely tearing apart the house. Luckily, you’d be surprised what ordinary household objects are actually amazing toys waiting to be discovered. Have you got any plastic bottles lying around? (Go ahead, dig through that recycle bin!) Set them up in a hallway or on a tabletop and bowl them over!

And don’t forget about using books to get out some energy. Lots of books lend themselves well to encouraging children to move while you’re reading. Try some of the ones below, or add your own movement ideas to other books. Move like any animals in the story. Play charades to guess which character you’re acting out. Play some music and dance like you think the characters would dance. The movement possibilities are endless, even when you have to stay inside.

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