Watercolor Art Therapy for Kids (and their Grown-Ups)

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This year has brought a fair amount of stress into all of our lives. Lets all take a minute, a few deep breaths, and relax with some calming watercolor blot painting! Still feeling frustrated? Channel your feels into your art and turn your blots into monsters!


Watercolor paints (or any water-based paint that you can dilute with water)

Paintbrush or pipette


Round stickers

Marker (black or any other color you choose)

Cup of water

Tray (or newspaper on the table)


materials for watercolor art therapy


Place your paper either in a tray, or on top of some newspaper. When you start blowing through the straw, some of the watercolor paint may travel past the edge of your paper.

If you want your watercolor art to turn into a monster, stick some round stickers onto your paper. These stickers will be removed once your monster is dry, and will be the spaces for your monster’s eye(s). Use as many stickers as you want! 

Place blobs of watercolor paint on your paper. If you have a pipette, you could add a lot of water to the watercolors, suck it up with the pipette, and then drip paint onto your paper. We used a paintbrush by getting the brush very wet, and very full of watercolor paint. The brush was then dabbed against the paper to create a puddle of paint, you can put several different puddles of multiple colors on your paper. 

another image of watercolor blot painting

Take a straw, and blow on your paint puddles. They will spread and create your blots!

image of watercolor blots

Let the paint dry. This could take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your paper and how big your original puddles were.

If you opted for monsters, once they are dry, carefully remove the stickers. Draw in some eyes. You can use your markers to add feet, tentacles, horns, hands, claws, teeth, or whatever else you want to. 

image of watercolor blot painting as monsters

We would love to see your artwork! Email photos to [email protected].


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