The Library will be closed until further notice. In-person programs are cancelled throughout May. Virtual programs are now being held.

Not Sure What To Do About Your Library Books?

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updated April 29

Auto Renewal

At the beginning of 2020, we began auto renewal. Eligible items will renew automatically two days before they are due if no one else is waiting for them. You can also renew items yourself or monitor your account by logging into your online account.

Late Fees

If you can’t renew your items or they are not eligible to renew, don’t worry. We will be waiving any late fees.

Returning Books

The Library has been asked to close until May 18. While we are closed, you can return books to our book drop, but please consider keeping them until after we reopen.

    1. Susan,
      Holds are suspended right now. We can’t get delivery from other libraries so no new items are coming in and nothing can go out. If something is waiting for you on our hold shelf, it will remain there until we open back up. If you don’t mind e-books, we’re adding more to that collection for now to help people get access to reading materials.

  • I am quarantined until about a week after my book is due, which is after the library reopens. Will the late fee still be waived?

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