Medical History

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Medical history is a very intriguing topic! The books included in this list cover the timeline of the drug research that led to medical cures, the history of the discovery of the circulatory system, and the worst cures of all time. There is even a medical version of Ripley’s Believe it or Not in the list. There is a source on the medical innovations that occurred due to the injuries sustained during WWI, which produced a kind of brutal laboratory for research and breakthroughs in medical science. The same book includes the horrific impact of the 1918 influenza pandemic on
those directly involved in the war and the world over. The history of both the women and men involved in the improvement of medical cures is covered –for example, Otto Warburg’s advancement of cancer research. Vaccines, blood transfusions, and the public health practices and betterments that decreased childhood mortality are also explored in these resources. Read any of these books and enjoy a trek through the fascinating history of medicine! All of these titles are in the Winchester Public Library’s collection.


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