International Month of Peace

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During the 1926 International Democratic Peace Conference, August was declared International Peace month.  The original intention was to recognize the destruction caused by World War I and to reflect on ways to work on promoting international peace and avoiding future wars.  Today, almost 100 years later, there is certainly still much for the international community to consider–both strides that have been made towards cooperation and peace, and instances when human actions have caused more despair and destruction.  During this month, we can look for ways to bring peace to our lives on many levels–starting with ourselves, and expanding to our families, our communities, and to the larger world.  Peace can, of course, refer to the absence of war, but it can also mean performing actions–large or small–to promote justice and equity for all people.  People from all walks of life strive for peace, from politicians to musicians to artists to athletes.  Through example and through action, we can all work to promote peace in our immediate environs and in the larger world.  Here are some books about peace and peacemakers for you.  ☮️

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