Finding Kindness and Spreading Love

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Sometimes you just want a hug! It’s not easy right now when all we want to do is hug our loved ones (or even just see them in person and not through a screen); but while we’re masking up and social distancing we can find ways to be kind and spread the love (but not germs).

Kiddos, parents, caregivers, grown-ups everywhere: we see you. Times are extra challenging right now. You’re doing great. xoxo

  • Write a letter or make a special card! All you need is a stamp and your own creativity!
  • Go the extra mile and send a whole care package! Masks, cozy socks, craft supplies… the sky’s the limit!
  • Help your family (or your neighbors) shovel snow
  • Make a kindness rock
  • Write down something that makes you happy and share it with your family
  • Give a friend a compliment
  • Help out with chores around the house
  • Read to you family

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