Family Friendly Music that Won’t Drive you Crazy

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Okay families, are you sick of the soundtrack to Frozen II yet?

There are only so many Disney playlists a family can stream before the grown-ups are ready to scream. If you’re itching to try something new, take a look on Hoopla for free streaming music. Here are a few favorites that are kid-focused but won’t drive adults nuts.


Laurie Berkner

Laurie Berkner started her music career in a rock band but pretty quickly made her way into children’s music. Her songs are catchy without being redundant and will get your kids up and moving.


For the Kids Album

You’ll recognize some favorite throwback artists on this compilation album, with lots of traditionally adult artists contributing kid-friendly pieces.


Barenaked Ladies

Staying in the vein of musicians who usually write for adults, Barenaked Ladies released an all-kids album in 2008. Their whimsical and humorous style translates superbly into music the whole family will enjoy.


Dan Zanes

Dan’s music is eclectic and exciting. All of his songs have a great beat to dance to, and he partners with such a wide variety of musicians that everyone will find something to like in his repertoire.


Putumayo Kids

If you’re looking to infuse some culture into your family’s musical experience, try some of the Putumayo albums. Albums are usually organized by where the music comes from, but a handful are compilations from all different cultures and languages. Get started with Animal Playground, World Sing Along, or Kids World Party.


Here are some other suggestions that, though not currently available streaming through the library, you and your kiddos might also enjoy.


Caspar Babypants

Don’t let the name fool you, this music isn’t baby-ish. This is the brainchild of Chris Ballew, the lead singer of popular 90’s band The Presidents of the United States of America. The music is happy and peppy without being cloying and has humor that all ages will enjoy. You especially won’t want to miss Banana Bread on the Away We Go album.


Jim Gill

Jim Gill’s music is catchy and movement-oriented and, as an added bonus, rooted in actual knowledge of developmental psychology. Jim’s background is in child development with an emphasis on the importance of play, but your kids won’t even know they’re learning as they dance and sing along. In addition to an abundance of awesome albums, be sure to check out Jim’s videos on YouTube, including this favorite: 


Elizabeth Mitchell

When you’re ready to calm down and listen to something soothing, Elizabeth Mitchell is the answer. With a decidedly Americana or folk vibe, Mitchell incorporates songs from many cultures and languages in a way that could accompany a child’s bedtime or a grown up’s yoga class.


Rockabye Beats

Marcos Valles and is team are behind the bilingual music program Rockabye Beats. Rockabye Beats is more than just an entertaining bilingual music program – It’s a place where friends are made and families grow closer by creating music together! Additionally the Rockabye Beats music videos will have everyone singing and dancing!

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