Energy Efficiency Tools in the Library of Things

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Did you know that the Library offers tools to help you test your home’s energy efficiency?

Plug a Kill-A-Watt meter into your appliances to see what it costs to keep them plugged in all day.You can calculate your electrical expenses and see how efficient your appliances are and if it’s time to replace them.

The moisture meter can help detect moisture under finished surfaces like drywall, masonry, softwoods and hardwoods. This can be useful to test that your materials are sufficiently dry before painting, sealing, or treating wood or drywall, locating roof leaks, and selecting dry lumber.

Our thermal camera is one of our most popular items. It  can be used to help detect energy leaks at ductwork & vents, missing insulation in walls & windows, & doors, and roof leaks.

Check out our Library of Things to reserve any of these items and see what else you can borrow from the Library.

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