Crafts for the Kiddos and a Monster Booklist!

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Here’s another fun craft activity to try! Let’s make Monsters and Monster Houses out of every day items! 

Materials required for these crafts:

Toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes

Washable Paint


Colored paper (or paper that your child colors)

Black marker


Googly eyes

Pipe cleaners



Choose a color (or multiple colors) to paint your cardboard tube. Paint it. 

painted tube for monster house craft


While it is drying, create your windows, door(s) and roof. Use a thick black marker and draw the outlines of a door on your colored paper. Any shape is fine – here you can see a door that is rounded at the top.

windows for monster houses


Draw a doorknob. Cut around the outside of the outline, so that the line is still on your small piece. This will give your shape more definition when it is glued onto your cardboard tube.

You can create a triangular roof, or a round roof. For the triangular roof, cut a rectangle out of your colored paper and fold it in half. You can add shapes or designs to the rectangle with your black marker to make tiles. 

For a round roof, cut a circle out of your colored paper. Cut into the circle from the edge to the middle in one place. You can then tuck one end of the cut under the other end of the cut, and make a peaked round roof of whatever size you choose. Tape or glue the two edges together, on the inside of the roof.

materials for roof of monster house

monster house roof


When your cardboard tube is dry, you can glue, paste, or tape the windows, doors and roof onto your house. 

completed monster houses

You can also cut around half of the door, if you want your door to open. 


Can you create a city or town out of your tubes? You can use paper to make a pond or lake, roads, and even grass for your houses. 



Choose a color (or multiple colors) to paint your cardboard tube. Paint it. Let the tube dry.

painted tube for monster house craft 2


Glue or paste googly eyes to your monster. Be creative – your monster can have as many or as few eyes as you’d like. If you do not have any googly eyes, you can cut out pieces of paper to use as eyes (be sure to add a pupil!), and paste them onto the tube.


Cut a mouth out of black construction paper, and glue it to your monster. If you don’t have any black paper, you can use your black marker, and draw one on (as seen in the photos). 


Use pipe cleaners to create horns, hair, arms, or whatever else you think your monster needs. You can also use more paper to create any of these accessories. You can glue or tape the pipe cleaners onto your tube, or make a hole in the tube and stick the pipe cleaner through it. You can also use paper for teeth – just cut them as big, little, sharp or dull as you want them.

completed monsters

Can you make a monster out of two tubes? Three? How about an alien? As always we’d love to see your creations! Feel free to email us photos of your finished products: [email protected]!


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