Craft for Kids: Tissue Paper Stained Glass

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No matter how long we stay inside our homes, we can still spread cheer and share artistic expression through our windows. One way to do that is to create your own version of stained glass. You probably already have all the materials you need if you raid your wrapping paper stash. Anyone of any age could participate in this activity, with varying levels of complexity in your “stained glass” designs.


materials for making tissue paper stained glass


First, grab some cardboard from your recycling bin. Cut out a frame in any shape you’d like (parents should help young children with the cutting). With the printed side of the cardboard facing you, stretch clear plastic wrap across your frame and tape it to the edges. If you’ve made a very large from, you may need to use multiple strips of plastic wrap.


child preparing tissue paper


Cut tissue paper into small pieces. These pieces can be any shape you’d like, depending on how complex of a design you’d like to create.


child decorating tissue paper stained glass


Using tiny dots of white school glue, stick the pieces of tissue paper onto the plastic wrap, this time with the unprinted side of the cardboard facing up. You can decorate the frame using whatever materials you have available. Here we used crayons and glued on foil shreds, again stolen from our wrapping paper supplies.


If you’ve got a place to hang your stained glass frame, attach a string to the back using tape or staples. Alternatively, you could tape the frame itself to the window.


Your creation will add light and joy to your home, as well as to anyone who glances in your window as they walk or drive by.

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