At Home for the Holidays Table Decor Idea for Kids

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(At) home for the holidays this year? Let’s find fun ways to make everything extra-festive!

Materials required for this craft:

Tissue paper (or tissues or napkins)

Pipe Cleaners



photo of materials needed for tissue paper flower craft

Take 3 or 4 sheets of tissue paper and stack them on top of each other. 

Fold the sheets up from the bottom ½”. 

photo showing how to start tissue paper flower craft

Then, flip the sheets over and fold them up from the bottom ½” again. Do this all the way up, so that it looks like an accordion. 

picture of folds to make tissue paper flowers

Fold the paper in half so that you have a “V” and wrap the top of a pipe cleaner around the middle.

Cut around the ends of the tissue paper to make petal shapes, or cut down to make pom-pom shapes.

photo of final steps for tissue paper flowers craft

Gently pull the accordion open and separate the tissue paper sheets.

close up photo of finished tissue paper flower

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