A New Way to Paint With Your Kids!

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Every artist needs a new medium sometimes. Why not try smooth, foamy paint that dries puffy? This is a great activity for kids of all ages. Even toddlers can participate in this sensory stimulating activity.


foam paint materials


All you need for this project is shaving cream, white glue, food coloring, and some zip-top bags.


step one to make foam paint


Squirt a handful of shaving cream into your bag (maybe about ¼ cup), then add a couple good-sized globs of white glue (2 teaspoons is a good estimate). This is not an exact science. Seal the bag securely, then let your child mix the glue and shaving cream together until they’re very well-combined.


adding color to foam paint


Carefully open the bags and squirt in some food coloring. This is where you can explore some color combinations! Notice how the food coloring mixes with the white cream to make a much lighter color than the original drops. Younger children will work on their small motor skills and hand muscles by squeezing their mixture in the bag. Older children can identify and discuss primary and secondary colors.


foam paint ready to use


When you’ve achieved your desired color, snip the corner of your bag to squirt out your foamy paint. Remember, the more you snip off of the corner, the more paint will squirt out at a time and the thicker your lines will be. Also note that you’ll want to use a relatively thick paper for this paint, especially if you intend to move the paint around much.


foam paint art


Preschoolers and older children can use the bag like a frosting piping bag and “draw” directly with their bag of paint. This movement is actually more complex than it seems, as kids must simultaneously squeeze and steer their bag. Dual movements like this can help with hand-eye coordination and multi-tasking abilities.


finger painting with foam paint


Even toddlers can participate by finger painting! As long as they’re old enough to not eat the paint, they can enjoy a wonderful sensory experience with this silky smooth art medium.


final foam paint products


The end result will be a 3-dimensional work of art that dries like wonderful puffy clouds.

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