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50 Years of Hip Hop!

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In August 1973, in New York City, a brother and sister threw a back-to-school party that would change the world of music, dance, fashion, and so much more.  Building on generations of African American music, DJ Kool Herc worked two different turntables to spin sounds together into an irresistible beat in a genre of music that came to be known as hip-hop.  From those early beginnings of mixing beats, came MCs rapping over the beats, which led to dancing to the beats.  And of course the young hip-hop artists and fans wanted to look their best, so they developed fashions that would make them stand out on the stage or dance floor.  Different styles of hip-hop developed in different regions of the country, but always based on a beat and flow of rhymes to move people’s feet, to tell a story, to send a message.  Hip-hop artists continue to create and innovate, adding layers and texture to the American cultural scene.  Here are some books where you can learn about the history and artists, as well as stories inspired by the music.  


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