Per Town of Winchester, masks required for everyone aged 2 and up when visiting the library until further notice.

What Should You Read Next?

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If you find yourself at home with some extra time, how do you find recommendations for what to read next while the Library is closed? Don’t worry! The Library has a great tool for finding free book recommendations and read-alikes called NoveList. To access this resource, all you need to do is log in with your library card number at home.

Here are just two strategies you can use to find a recommendation using the resource:

Read-alikes Lists
Think of a title, author, or series that you really enjoyed. Then search for that example in the search box. The search results should give you links to the one or more of following recommendation lists: title read-alikes, author read-alikes, or series read-alikes. These lists suggest books that might be like the title, author, or series you searched. The lists also give reasons why the suggested book is similar to your search.

Appeal Mixer
Under the NoveList Browse tab, click on Appeal. The appeal mixer lets you set up to three of the following categories with drop-down options: character, illustration, pace, storyline, tone, & writing style.

As an example, you could conduct this search:

Character: Flawed
Pace: Fast-paced
Tone: Darkly humorous

From this search, results suggested The Magicians by Lev Grossman. WPL librarians definitely agree with that recommendation based on the appeal search.

Got voracious little readers at home? Use NoveList K-8 to find age appropriate suggestions for younger readers.

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