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Warm and Fuzzy: Books and a Craft

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During these uncertain times, enjoy a simple craft and a collection of picture books that are soothing and comforting, curated to make you and the kids feel a little better about life!

There are multiple ways to make warm fuzzies using various materials, including pom poms and cotton balls, but these particular cuties are created using just yarn and a pair of scissors. These can be done with any age, and the amount of adult involvement will vary. Young children can help wrap the yarn around their or your fingers. Slightly older children can practice their scissor skills, and children who know how to tie knots could handle this craft completely on their own.

First, cut a small piece of yarn and set it aside. You’ll use this later. Next, begin wrapping the yarn around your fingers. If you’d like your warm fuzzy to be very small, just use one finger. If you want a larger fuzzy, use four fingers. If you want a very large fuzzy and you have a lot of yarn, you could wrap the yarn around a jar, book, or other object. Wrap the yarn around your finger(s) or object until you feel your fuzzy is fat enough.

warm fuzzy craft step 1

Gently slide the yarn off of your finger(s) or object and squeeze it together in the middle. You should have a row of loops both above and below where you’re squeezing. Remember the small piece of yarn you set aside earlier? Now use it to tie a tight knot where you were squeezing your loops of yarn.

warm fuzzy craft step 2

Cut the loops on both sides of your knot. You’ll need relatively sharp scissors (and, for young children, adult assistance) for this, as safety scissors may not be sharp enough. Fluff the yarn to make it as fuzzy as possible. If the string you used to tie the center is too long, you can trim it a little.

warm fuzzy craft step 3

That’s it! You could always embellish your warm fuzzies with other craft supplies if you’ve got them, like googly eyes or pipe cleaners. You could write messages on small pieces of paper, punch a hole in the paper, and tie it onto one of the pieces of yarn. You could hide the fuzzies around your house for hide and seek, or send them to loved ones in the mail. You could throw them into cups for mini games of basketball. The possibilities are endless!





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