Rush Out & Read (R.O.A.R)

R.O.A.R will return in 2023.

If you have any questions about the program,

please reach out by email or by calling 781-721-7171 x 318.

What is R.O.A.R.?

The Rush Out and Read (R.O.A.R.) program, funded by the Winchester Co-operative Bank, brings teen volunteers around Winchester to read to groups of children and their adults.

You can check out the R.O.A.R. volunteer’s work on their Facebook page.

Where is R.O.A.R.?

You’ll find readers in the community for 8 weeks during the summer. They work Monday through Thursday plus Saturday mornings at locations such as:

  • Boat Club
  • Creative Corner Preschool
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Ginn Field
  • Kidstock
  • Preschool Social Academy
  • Swim & Tennis Club
  • Town Center
  • Winchester Country Club
  • Winchester Recreation & Camp
  • Winchester Schools Camp

How to Apply

Applications are accepting each year beginning on April 15. Any Winchester resident who will be going into 7th grade or higher is eligible. Volunteers need to commit to 2 of the 8 weeks of the program and they do not have to be consecutive weeks. A full schedule is available on R.O.A.R. coordinator Dennis Kronenberg’s SchoolNotes page.

Download the application or visit the Children’s Department for a paper copy.

If selected, the R.O.A.R. coordinator will be in touch with to confirm acceptance into the program and approve your schedule. First-time volunteers are required to attend one orientation session where library staff will demonstrate storytelling techniques and answer questions about the program.