Per Town of Winchester, masks required for everyone aged 2 and up when visiting the library until further notice.

Celebrate the Fourth of July

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Perhaps this year, we won’t share backyard meals with dozens of others, or watch fireworks in a crowd, or travel; but it’s still worth thinking about how our nation of immigrants became a country, formed on ideals of freedom and equality for all – ideals we’re still working toward. So whether you like detailed, comprehensive nonfiction (McCullough, Chernow, Philbrick), or if you prefer novels, or maybe you like your history best via Broadway, there’s something on this list for you!


The Fourth for Kids
How did the United States of America become the United States of America? Dive in and find out what it was like to live during the Revolution. (Or, in the case of Pay Attention, Carter Jones, hear what a British butler has to say to an American middle school student on the topic.)


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