Tools for Home

Reduce waste and help yourself by borrowing from the library.

We offer a variety of items that you may be interested in trying out before purchasing or that you may want to use once or twice, but don’t need to own. This collection is supported, in part, by the Friends of the Winchester Public Library.

Arts & Crafts

  • Cricut Maker 3: Use this smart cutting machine for a variety of crafting projects.
  • Cricut Mug Press: Create unique mugs with this heat press. You will need to provide the mugs and the infusible ink decals.
  • Crochet Kit: Explore crochet with this kit containing hooks, yarn needles, stitch markers and holders.
  • Interchangeable Knitting Needles: 13 sets of interchangeable needles and 6 cables for your knitting projects.
  • Paper Quilling Kit: Practice your quilling with our beginner’s kit.
  • Round Knitting Looms: Pompom makers and 3 sizes of looms for hats, scarves and more.
  • Yarn Winder: Organize your yarn skeins with a yarn winder.

Assistive Equipment

Games & Sports

Health & Wellness

  • Therapy Light: See if a UV-free light therapy lamp is right for you.

Household Tools

  • Kill-A-Watt Meter: Connect it to household appliances to assesses their energy efficiency.
  • Laser Level: Great for straightening and hanging tasks at home.
  • Moisture Meter: Helps detect moisture under finished surfaces like drywall, masonry, softwoods and hardwoods.
  • Thermal Camera: Helps detect energy leaks at ductwork & vents, missing insulation, and roof leaks.
  • Wall Scanner: Use to detect studs and metal in walls while avoiding electrical hazards.



  • Cassette to Digital Converter: Give new life to your old cassette collection by converting them to digital files.
  • Chromebook/Hotspot Kit: Work or study on the go with this Chromebook and hotspot combination.
  • Digital Film/Slide Scanner: Convert slides and negatives into digital images.
  • Hotspot: Perfect for U.S. travel, the hotspots will allow up to 5 devices to be connected.
  • Meeting Owl Pro: 360° camera, mic and speaker that works with all popular video conferencing platforms.
  • Multimedia Card Reader: Access files on an SD or other memory cards and easily transfer music, photos, and videos.
  • Photo Printer: Print your favorite pictures instantly from your mobile devices.
  • Projector: Share presentations or movies with a small group using this pocket projector.
  • Ring Light & Tripod: Make the most of your videos with a ring light and tripod.
  • Roku 3: Test out the product and access hundreds of movies with the Vudu app.
  • Snowball Ice Microphone: Get high-quality sound for recording and streaming.
  • Slide Projector: Share your old slides and create slideshows for family events.
  • VHS Converter: Convert your old VHS collection into digital files. Requires a VHS player.