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Tools for Home

Reduce waste AND help yourself by borrowing from the library!

We offer a variety of items that residents have asked for – things you may want to use once or twice, but don’t need to own such as:

image of a slide and film scanner

Digital Film/Slide Scanner

The scanner convert slides and negatives into digital images.

image of a mobile hotspot


Perfect for U.S. travel, hotspots will allow up to 5 devices to be connected.

image of a Kill-a-Watt meter

Kill-A-Watt Meter

Connect it to household appliances to assesses their energy efficiency.

image of a handheld electronic magnifier

“Maggie” Magnifier

A slim, portable magnifier with a 5″ hi-contrast LCD screen great for reading labels and fine print.

image of a moisture meter

Moisture Meter

Helps detect moisture under finished surfaces like drywall, masonry, softwoods and hardwoods.

image of a paper quilling kit

Paper Quilling Kit

Learn to quill paper and make your own designs with this beginner’s kit.

image of a small projector


A pocket projector for presentations and film screenings.

image of a Roku 3 and remote

Roku 3

Test out the product and access hundreds of movies with the Vudu app.

image of a thermal camera

Thermal Camera

Helps detect energy leaks at ductwork & vents, missing insulation in walls & windows, & doors, and roof leaks.