Cli-fi and Climate Nonfiction Books

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Although COVID-19 has seized global attention lately – and with good reason – humans and many other species still face another looming challenge: climate change. As temperatures rise, biomes shift, and sea levels rise, we must use every bit of our ingenuity and creativity to meet this challenge, sooner rather than later. These authors each thoughtfully explore one or more effects of climate change, as well as possible solutions.


Climate fiction, or “cli-fi” for short, explores various future scenarios if climate change is allowed to continue unchecked, or if it accelerates. This type of speculative fiction is a way of imagining many possible futures, both frightening and inspiring. They are great works of imagination, showing the struggles of humans in a sometimes brutal environment – one we’ve helped create, and may be able to avert.

And if you’re just looking for ways to get out and enjoy nature a bit more, whether it’s taking a hike, family activities, or identifying birds, these books are a great way to get started.

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