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A Brief History of Physics

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The universe is immense! And we’re such a tiny blue speck among billions of stars in that universe. Or are we part of a multiverse? Just how BIG is space? Why does the physics of celestial bodies not match the physics of the small, i.e. the quantum realm? And where do we as humans fit in the scope of all these competing physics theories?

If you have ever looked up at the stars and wondered, you’re not alone. Physicists and astronomers have debated for years – ever since the father of modern physics, Albert Einstein, published his General Theory of Relativity in 1905. Here is a collection of books about the beauty and the bigness of the universe, and the debate about our understanding of the known and unknown beyond our pale blue dot called Earth.

A Brief History of Physics Collection

Check out this sampling of physics book available through OverDrive:

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