Historical Documents

Select Bibliography on the Architects and Architecture of Winchester

The Architects of Winchester, Massachusetts (edited by Maureen Meister) The Winchester Historical Society has sponsored research on the Town's architecture resulting in the publication of eight monographs on Winchester architects and architecture. Available: WPL, Reference. Complimentary to members of the Winchester Historical Society. On Sale through the Winchester Historical Society web site.

Herbert Dudley Hale, French Method, Health Laws, and Progressive Views on Education contribute to a New Winchester High School by James Owens Ross
Alexander Esty, A Romanesque Church Design: Image and Meaning by Nina Harkrader
Theodore Voelckers, A Picturesque Public Hall for a New Town by Roger G. Reed
Herbert J. Kellaway, Linking Water, Parks and Parkways in the Olmsted Tradition by Julie Khuen
Hill & James, Beaux Arts Splendor in a Suburban Setting by Roger G. Reed
Frost and Raymond, Suburbia and the Single-Family House of the 1920’s by Nancy Gruskin
John Kutts: Rare Drawings and Records for an 1830 House by Roger G. Reed
Robert Coit: Houses and Public Buildings in an Age of Suburban Growth by Ellen Spencer

Meister, Maureen. Architecture and the Arts and Crafts Movement in Boston: Harvard's H. Langford Warren. 2003. Hanover, N.H.: University Press of New England, 2003. Introduction discusses Winchester's architecture. Also the book includes passages on F. Patterson Smith and George F. Newton, both influential figures in local architecture. Available: WPL, Adult 720.92 Meister

Meister, Maureen. George Rand's Winchester. Articles collected here appeared as a series in the Winchester Star and were published between May 23 and October 10, 1991. [43] p. Available: WPL, Reference, 974.44W Mei

Meister, Maureen. Patterson Smith's Winchester. 1994. 38 p. The series presented here is based on the research of Maureen Meister and Richard Joslin. The articles were published in the Winchester Star between May 12 and September 8, 1994. Available: WPL, Reference, 974.44W Mei

Meister, Maureen. Rangeley: a romantic residential park in Winchester. New York: Magazine Antiques, 1997. 10p. Reprinted from "The Magazine Antiques", August 1997, p. 188–197. Available: WPL, Ref. 974.44W Mei

Meister, Maureen. "Two Arts and Crafts Houses: Paradigms in Pasadena and Boston." [New York, N.Y.: Straight Enterprises, 2007. Originally appeared in The Magazine Antiques, September 2007, p. 112–119. This article compares the Chadwick House on Everett Avenue, Winchester, with the Gamble House in Pasadena. Many photos and a plan of the Chadwick house. Available: WPL, Reference 974.44W Meister

Schuler, Gretchen G. A Plan to preserve Winchester's architectural heritage. [Written by: Gretchen G. Schuler with the assistance of Ellen Knight; Maureen Meister, consultant]. [Winchester, Mass.: Planning Board], 2004. 1v. "This Plan to preserve Winchester's architectural heritage has been prepared for the Winchester Planning Board and the Winchester Historical Commission acting as the Architectural Heritage Committee of the Strategic Plan Task Force. Available: WPL, Reference, 974.44W

Winchester Historical Commission. Town Register of Historic Places, 1995. The Commission, 1995. Available: WPL, Reference, 074.44 Winchester

Winchester Historical Commission. Survey of pre-1917 buildings. 1979. 12 volumes. Documents more than 2,000 houses and buildings standing in 1979 through photographs and data sheets completed in the field. Researchers recorded ownership history, construction dates, architectural style, architect or builder when known, and historical or architectural significance where applicable. Available: WPL, Reference. 974.44 Winchester

Winchester, Massachusetts, The Architectural Heritage of a Victorian Town. Winchester, MA.: Winchester Historical Society, 1988. [Text writer, Kevin Stevens]. This 170 page history of the town contains nearly 200 illustrations, including maps, historical photographs, views of individual buildings, and a guide to researching the history of a house in Winchester. Available: WPL, Reference, (In Print) On sale at BookEnds.