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We have a collection of Winchester town maps available for use in the Reference room (see below). We also have a collection of maps by Ernest Dudley Chase, available by appointment. Please visit our Chase Maps Collection page for details and photos.


1870 Map 1870 Map
Winchester Center
. The earliest known hand drawn original map of Winchester Center is on display on the wall outside the Local History Room (2d floor), this large, original map (47" x 75") was restored by the Winchester Historical Society in 2003. The map dates from the 1870s and depicts downtown Winchester and the location of houses and buildings extant at the time. Click here for more details about the map and it's intensive restoration.

1875 Map
Winchester from F. W. Beers, "County Atlas of Middlesex County, Massachusetts", 1875. 17" x 11". Available in the Reference Room.

1886 Map
Map of Winchester, Middlesex County. 1886. Bird's eye view of Winchester showing churches, schools, Published by A.F. Poole Co., Brockton, MA. 28½" x 22" (Print), 26" x 19¼". Available in the Reference Room.

1898 Map
Map of Winchester, Massachusetts
. 1898. Published by Robbins & Enrich, 1898. 29½" x 19¼" (Print), 26" x 17". Available in the Reference Room. Also available online at the Library of Congress in American Memory

1941 Map
The Town of Winchester
drawn in 1941 and brought up to date in 1964 by Ernest Dudley Chase. Distributed with the compliments of Winchester Savings Bank. Street map of Winchester depicting railroad, schools, churches, factories, town buildings, businesses, lakes, rivers, hospital and historic houses. Alphabetical listing of streets. Thirty-three vignette sketches of Winchester landmarks. 25" x 19" (Print), 22¾" x 17" (Image). Available in the Reference Room. Also available in high resolution online at Harvard University Library together with Chase’s maps for 1929, 1952, and 1957.

1980 Map
Town of Winchester: John H. Ciarcia, Town Engineer
. 1980. 29" x 22" Quantity: 2

1984 Map
Town of Winchester: John H. Ciarcia, Town Engineer
. 1984. 29" x 22" Quantity: 2

Map Greenways
Mystic River Greenways. 2005. Published by the Mystic River Watershed Association, with assistance from the National Park Service, Rivers & Trails Program. This map illustrates the community greenways and trails of the Mystic River watershed, an area of 76 square miles. 17" x 15¾". Available in the Reference Room. 

The Mystic River Watershed covers 76 square miles or roughly 1% of the land area of Massachusetts. Its headwaters begin in Reading, MA and form the Aberjona River, then flow into the Upper Mystic Lake in Winchester. From the Lower Mystic Lake, the Mystic River flows through Arlington, Somerville, Medford, Everett, Chelsea, Charlestown, and East Boston before emptying into Boston Harbor. Explore the Mystic River Watershed with an interactive Environmental Atlas!

Several of these maps have been reproduced by the Winchester Historical Society and are available for purchase at Winchester Art & Frame (755 Main Street) or through the Society's web site.

Fells Trail Map
Middlesex Fells Reservation Trail Map
. 2007. Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. 31" x 24".


United States Geological Survey, Topographic Maps

The United States Geological Survey began its topographic atlas of the United States in 1882. The University of New Hampshire's Library's Government Information Department holds a working collection of over 55,000 paper USGS maps. This online collection of over 1500 USGS topographic maps includes complete geographical coverage of New England and New York from the 1890s to 1950s. Available: Online Winchester

The Winchester Archival Center also has a collection of maps, atlases, and Sanborn fire insurance maps. An index of the cataloged maps can be consulted at the Reference Desk in the Library (PastPerfect database).

Online Mapping — Geographic Information System

Over the past decade, the Town of Winchester has invested significant resources in the development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to convert the Town’s paper mapping into an electronic format. GIS represents the merging of mapping software and database technology into one program that allows users to store, manage, visualize, and present geographically referenced data. This on-line tool presents a simplified version of the GIS that allows the public to access, view, and create maps from the Town’s GIS data. Available: Town web site.