Historical Documents


This guide, compiled by Thomas Michalak, brings together in one place and online a list of opportunities and resources for the exploration and study of Winchester’s history. Listed here is a selection of the most consulted Town documents, books and pamphlets on the general history of Winchester and the architecture of Winchester. This resource guide is a starting place to explore Winchester’s history. It is not intended as an exhaustive bibliography. Items that are available online are hot linked to the appropriate web site. For the most part, the descriptions follow the bibliographic form of the Library’s catalog.

The help and advice of the following individuals is gratefully acknowledged: Marie Ariel, Randy Bairnsfather, Julie Kinchla, Ellen Knight, Maureen Meister, Laurie Minniti, Nancy Schrock, Ellen Spencer, and Lynda Wills. Suggestions for corrections, additions, organization, and revisions are welcome and should be sent to Tom Michalak. Tom Michalak is a member of the Winchester Historical Society who volunteers his time and expertise in the creation and maintenance of this list of resources.