Historical Documents

Housing and Streets

Winchester Historical Commission. Survey of pre-1917 buildings. 1979. 12 volumes. Documents more than 2,000 houses and buildings standing in 1979 through photographs and data sheets completed in the field. Researchers recorded ownership history, construction dates, architectural style, architect or builder when known, and historical or architectural significance where applicable. Available: WPL, Reference, 974.44 Winchester

Historical Commission.Winchester Properties Subject to Demolition Delay Bylaw. Prepared by: Winchester Historical Commission. A list of 779 properties considered to be of historical and/or architectural significance and therefore subject to the town’s demolition delay bylaw.

 A report of the inventory of public and private properties in the town of Winchester, Massachusetts / Winchester Engineering Department, John H. Ciarcia, Town Engineer. Winchester (Mass.). Engineering Dept., 1985. 45p. Available: WPL, Local History, 974.44W Winchester

Zoning By-Law of the Town of Winchester, Massachusetts. A Zoning by-law adopted by the Town April 30, 2015, approved by the Attorney General, and which became effective on September 14, 2015. Available: WPL, Reference, 974.44 W Zoning. Online at the Town Website.