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Playing with Our Food...

Today during Preschool Storytime Club we read books all about food, after all the stories were read we used different fruits and vegetables to paint pictures. Every once and a while it's okay to play with our food... with permission from a grown-up, of course!  

Process Over Product

As the new school year starts, I'm trying something a little different for storytime. Instead of having the children assemble a craft I've prepared for them, we're going to have a much more open-ended art project at the end of each session.

This is certainly not a new idea--educators call it "Process over Product." The idea is that the children will be challenged to be creative on an individual basis, rather than following a strict step-by-step plan. The emphasis is on the process of creating instead of copying someone else's product.

Proponents of this idea argue that children will have plenty of time as they grow older to practice specific skills such as following directions or building a polished craft. Early childhood, however, should be a time of exploration and experimenting with unfamiliar concepts and materials. Not worrying about the end result frees the child from the frustration of not being able to duplicate a model created by a teacher. There is no right or wrong way to do things--they can worry about that in the future.

In the library, we won't be able to fully implement all the philosophy of "Process Over Product." Getting messy with paint is not really practical in this setting, but I hope to encourage more creativity and relaxing fun during our weekly get-togethers

For more information, please see Dr. Laurel Bongiorno's article How Process Art Experiences Support Preschoolers.

This week's theme was "Favorite Things," and we started out simple with crayons and paper. I feel like there was already a lot more quiet absorption in the activity. No more cries of, "I'm missing pieces!" or "I can't do it!"

In the coming weeks, we'll try out some different materials like leaves, cardboard tubes, basic geometric shapes, etc. Maybe, we'll play some games too.

Please let me know what you think, either in person or in the comments below.. 


Monster Crafts

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, so we get an early start around here. Check out these silly, not-so-spooky monsters we made in storytime:

Moose Season

Some of our Preschool Storytime Club members show off their newly grown antlers.

Storytime Mustache Craft

Check out the cool mustaches we made in Preschool Storytime. We were inspired by the excellently funny books Baby Mustache by Bridget Heos (illustrated by Joy Ang) and Mustache by Mac Barnett (illustrated by Kevin Cornell).

Storytime Superheroes

Bad guys beware! The Fortress of Awesomeness (also known as the Winchester Public Library) is a prime training ground for new superheroes . . .