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Photo Booth on Take Your Child to the Library Day!!!

Did you know today (2/7/15) was National Take Your Child to the Library Day?? Thanks to everyone who visited our "Take Your Child to the Library Day" Photo Booth! The photos came out great!

Email us at if you'd like us to send you one in a larger size!!

Family Cooking Club!

Last night 10 families participated in our first ever Family Cooking Club! This month we perfected our cupcake-decorating skills, it was fun and tasty! Stay tuned for the next session!! If you missed out on the fun, here's a link to some of the recipes and decoration tips we used!


                                 (practicing our piping skills)


                                 (the finished products... a snowman and a cup of cocoa)



iRobot at the Library!

Today we have a visit from Steve, an engineer for iRobot! He shared information about what it's like to work for the company, what mechanical engineers do for a company like iRobot and some of what iRobot builds. He also showed us two robots, Roomba a vacuum robot and Packbot a modular, adaptable and expandable robot that can perform surveillance, reconnaissance, detection and HazMat handling operations. The kids loved all the different capabilities of the Packbot, especially the camera and video options! 

Thank you to iRobot for a great program!!




Safety for Kids with Sergeant Groux

Yesterday we had a visit from the Winchester Police Department's safety officer, Sergeant Groux! He taught us all about bike safety, pedestrian safety (crossing the street) and calling 911. He also provided us with a great website for parents on safety inside and outside of the home. He also sent everyone home with their own Junior Officer's badge, Winchester is an even safer place now! Thank you Sergeant Groux for visiting us! We look forward to having you back at the library soon!


Festive Cupcakes!

The holidays are right around the corner and we wanted to do something extra festive to celebrate! We couldn't think of a better way to kick-off the holiday season than to learn some fancy, holiday, cupcake decorating tips! Thank you to our friend and culinary craft extrodinarre Christi Showman Farrar who taught us all how to make these very special cupcakes!


Kids ages 7+ learned how to make their cupcakes look like Tukeys, Pies and Presents. Everyone had a great time! Sweet!

Stop, Drop and Roll! It's Fire Safety Month!

To kick off fire safety month our friend Firefighter Josh visited us again and taught us yet another very important lesson! Stop, Drop and Roll!

First he read a book called Stop Drop and Roll by Margery Cuyler and then he gave us a demonstration before teaching our Junior Firefighters how to correctly stop, drop and roll. Finally be showed us his fire safety equipment, answered questions from the kids (and parents!) and gave everyone their own Junior Firefighter badge. Thank you again Firefighter Josh!


stop drop and roll