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Liz Buchanan Returns

Liz Buchanan brought her always welcome high-energy performance to Winchester this week. Even the most shy children were singing and dancing and generally bouncing around. 

You can check out her CDs from the library, of course, or at her website

Mad Science Crafts!

On Thursday we hosted an awesome, exciting and inventive craft program! The kids had a great time making robot necklaces, mad scientist goggles and much, much more!

Liz Buchanan

Liz Buchanan brought a little sunshine to a dreary weather day in Winchester today. There was lots of dancing, lots of singing, and lots of smiles.

If you missed her this time, she'll be back this summer on August 5th.

Yoga for Kids!

Today we had certified Itsy Bitsy Yoga instructor Miss Monique come in and teach a toddler yoga class! Everyone had a great time and really got into the poses! Stay tuned for more information on our next Yoga for Kids program with Miss Monique!

"Surfing (aka Warrior 2) with Miss Monique

Downward Dog tunnel!

Taking a rest in Child's Pose...

Making Magic

Young Magicians had a blast learning the secrets behind some well known magic tricks! They even helped to create a one. Some of the photos below hold the key! Stop by the library to learn more!





Hula Hooping!

We love discovering new, different and interesting programs for kids! We were thrilled to find Pinto Bella Hoops, a program that teaches kids of all ages how hula hooping can add fun, excercise and excitement to their day. The program was a great combination of entertainment and instruction. The kids also had a chance to play games and try out different sized hula hoops. Everyone had a fantastic time!

Check out Pinto Bella's glowing hula hoop!