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Something Big is Coming to the Library

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Museum of Science - Rockets

The Boston Museum of Science presented an outstanding program about rockets this week. The kids launched balloon rockets to the Moon and Mars . . .

. . . and designed spacecraft to safely land on the surface of the Earth and Mars.

Different theories were tested out and gradually improved. It was not only educational, but also extremely fun. 


Liz Buchanan Returns

Liz Buchanan brought her always welcome high-energy performance to Winchester this week. Even the most shy children were singing and dancing and generally bouncing around. 

You can check out her CDs from the library, of course, or at her website

Mad Science Crafts!

On Thursday we hosted an awesome, exciting and inventive craft program! The kids had a great time making robot necklaces, mad scientist goggles and much, much more!

Kidstock: Jack & Jill and the Beanstalk

The ever-inventive Kidstock Theater brought their humorous mashup of fairy tales to the library this week. As always, the show required a lot of participation from the audience and was a big hit. And, of course, everyone lived happily ever after.

Kidstock will be returning on August 15 with their production of "The Princess and the Peanut Butter."

Fizz, Fizz, Wizard with Ed the Wizard!

Ed the Wizard was here yesterday! He brought a great program full of fun, magic and science! He even wrote a book (and generously donated a copy to us!) about how the kids could perform his tricks and experiments at home! Come check out the book in the Children's Room!


A good time was had by all!