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Summer Reading Party!

Congratulations to everyone who completed her/his Summer Reading goal. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

We hope everyone had as much fun at the party as we did. Our special guest, magician David Hall, wowed the audience with his feats of prestidigitation and his marvelous rabbit Hocus.

A special thanks also goes out to the ROAR volunteers who helped with the crafts and refreshments. We couldn't have done it without you.


Super Crafts!

Proof positive that reading makes super heroes.

Something Big is Coming to the Library

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Museum of Science - Rockets

The Boston Museum of Science presented an outstanding program about rockets this week. The kids launched balloon rockets to the Moon and Mars . . .

. . . and designed spacecraft to safely land on the surface of the Earth and Mars.

Different theories were tested out and gradually improved. It was not only educational, but also extremely fun. 


Liz Buchanan Returns

Liz Buchanan brought her always welcome high-energy performance to Winchester this week. Even the most shy children were singing and dancing and generally bouncing around. 

You can check out her CDs from the library, of course, or at her website

Mad Science Crafts!

On Thursday we hosted an awesome, exciting and inventive craft program! The kids had a great time making robot necklaces, mad scientist goggles and much, much more!