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One of the things we discussed in today's LEGO Science Workshop was the programming language Scratch, which was developed at MIT for teaching easy programming concepts. Many of you may already be familiar with it through your child's school, but just in case you're not, the software is freely available at:
The LEGO software we use in the workshops is very similar to Scratch in its use of "drag and drop" icons. In fact, one may even use Scratch to program the LEGO WeDo components.
If anyone is interested in purchasing a WeDo set for home use, you can find them at the LEGO Education website.

November 17 registration LEGO Science Workshop

Just a reminder that registration for our first LEGO Science Workshop begins on Monday, November 17. You may register online or in the Children's Room.
The first workshop will be on Monday, December 8 at 3:30pm in the Storytime Room, and continue on the second Monday of every month. Children in grades 2-5 are welcome to register.
Please see our LEGO Science blog for more information.

Registration begins November 17

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Historical Swords

Last week we had historical sword experts Jeff Goodhind and Jeff Lord here at the library for a presentation and a demonstration of swords through the ages! We learned sword-fighting techniques and about the differences between various swords. It was pretty cool!!

First Workshop Date!

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We have the LEGO kits! We have the laptops! The camcorders should be here soon!

Our first workshop is scheduled for Monday, December 8 at 3:30pm in the Storytime Room of the Children's Department. We will be holding holding workshops monthly. Children are encouraged to participate every month because the lessons are cumulative.

Registration will be required and will begin three (3) weeks prior to the program on November 17. You may register online or in the Children's Room. Questions? Email, call (781) 721-7171 x326, or visit the Children's Room for more information.


Happy Halloween!

We get into the spirit of Halloween here in the Children's Room! Check out some photos of us in our costumes and of our special Halloween storytime!!

Robert was a Lego man, of course!!

Cate and Ms. B were cats!

Everyone enjoyed the Halloween stories!