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In Between Snowstorms...

In between snowstorms we like to hang out and read with Chester (the big bear) and Little Bear!

Photo Booth on Take Your Child to the Library Day!!!

Did you know today (2/7/15) was National Take Your Child to the Library Day?? Thanks to everyone who visited our "Take Your Child to the Library Day" Photo Booth! The photos came out great!

Email us at if you'd like us to send you one in a larger size!!

Donations wanted

Do you have unused and unwanted LEGOs cluttering up your house? Please consider donating them to the Winchester Public Library. We have a couple of different LEGO programs that could always use more bricks. Just bring them by the Children's Room and we'll happily put them to good use.


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Today we held our first ever LEGOPALOOZA event! LEGOPALOOZA is a drop in event where kids ages 5-12 are welcome to come in from 10:30-12pm and build their own LEGO creation! LEGOPALOOZA will be held once a month on the third Saturday of the month, we hope to see you there next time!

Check out some of the cool LEGO structures the kids built...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Crafts!

Yesterday the kids got creative with some everyday, recyclable materials! Paper plates turned into rainbows, paper towel tubes turned into periscopes and popsicle sticks turned into puppets!




January Workshop - Smart Spinner

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In this month's workshop, we built Smart Spinners. This involved programming a motor to start at the press of a button on the computer, and setting a proximity sensor to automatically turn off the motor when the spinner was released.

We also talked about Isaac Newton and his Three Laws of Motion, and Michael Faraday who demonstrated the first working motor. I showed the kids how to recreate Faraday's "homopolar motor" with a battery, a neodymium (really strong) magnet, and a piece of copper wire. If you want to do this experiment at home, you can obtain neodymium magnets from Amazon. (Make sure you keep them away from small children--they're really strong and potentially harmful if swallowed.)

I also demonstrated how a motor can be turned into a generator to produce electricity, using a toy windmill to light a small LED.

Lastly, we watched a video of our same LEGO Smart Spinner being demonstrated on the International Space Station in microgravity (see below).

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did, and maybe even learned something. See you next month!