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We’ve Lost Our Marbles (in a Maze)!

We made marble mazes in STEAM Club!

Have you heard about STEAM Club? About half a dozen times per year, we do STEAM programs for kids in grades 2-5. We focus on a wide variety of scientific topics, and we do a hands-on activity every time. In previous STEAM Clubs, we’ve dissected owl pellets, made slime, and catapulted marshmallows!


This time, we explored the physics of motion using marbles. We discussed gravity, friction, and how the angle of a marble run affects the marble’s movement. We discussed a couple of Newton’s Laws of Motion.  Then we used this knowledge to make our own marble mazes in shoe boxes!


We’ll continue to do STEAM Club periodically throughout the year, so keep an eye out for it in the future! Check out a couple more photos before, and visit our Facebook page for even more pictures of our marble fun!


Just getting started after discussing gravity, friction, angles, and more!



Hard at work!

It’s Written In Our Stars

Hands-on fun with Star Wars toys (action figures?)


We’ve had some really awesome star-related fun here at the library!


On Saturday, we learned all about Star Wars with expert Peter Struzziero. Kids had the chance to play with tons of Star Wars toys, we learned about the history of Star Wars, and we watched tons of exciting (and sometimes hilarious) Star Wars videos.


Checking out the atmosphere of Venus in the planetarium. Can you see the kids watching in the darkness? 

Today we had a visit from Blue Star Planetarium. Kids and parents entered an amazing blow-up dome. Inside we watched a presentation about searching for the presence of water in our solar system called Oasis in Space. Then we took a look at what the night sky looks like and learned about where stars and constellations are located.

New Technology in the Children's Room!

The Children's Room is transitioning away from stationary game computers. In their place, we are offering brand new Launchpads for children to use in the library. Don't know about Launchpads yet..? Ask at the Children's Reference Desk!

Summer Reading Party 2017!!

Thanks to all our Summer Readers for making this another awesome year!! We had a blast with Jungle Jim at our Summer Reading Party yesterday!


Summer Reading Party is Tuesday, August 22!

The big day is almost here! Our Summer Reading Wrap-Up Party is less than a week away! Kids who’ve completed a bingo on their reading log are invited to join us on Tuesday, August 22nd at Town Hall (71 Mt. Vernon Street) at 3:00pm. We’ll have games, crafts, snacks, prizes, and an amazing performance with Jungle Jim!


We’ll also be drawing names for our raffle that’s been going on all summer! Each week we’ve had a game to play here in the library. If you won, you filled out a raffle card. We’ll be pulling names and announcing winners at the party! The raffle will start around 4:00pm. You don’t have to present to win, but people who are at the party will get first pick of our prizes. We’ve got books, school supplies, gift certificates, and even a couple Kindle Fires!


Make sure that you bring your reading log with you, because that’ll be your ticket at the door.


We can’t wait to celebrate all the reading you’ve done this summer at our Summer Reading Party!!

Junior Builders

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This weekend we had a full house for our Junior Builders program! Led by Rob Leduc, the children and their grown-ups used hammers, nails, and pegs to build their very own wooden trucks!