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Young Reader Review!

Here at the Winchester Public Library we love it when young readers get really excited about a new book! Often kids come in and want to tell us all about a great, new book they just read! We figured if they love the book then another child might love it too and thus “Young Reader Reviews” was born….

Meet our first (hopefully of many) young reviewers! Here’s what she thought of Wendy Mass’ The Last Present:

“I liked The Last Present very much. I especially enjoyed the clever prevention of upcoming problems and the mystery of Angelina D’Angelo’s unknown childhood. The book might be a tiny bit confusing to younger kids (especially if they have not read the whole series), but I definitely recommend this book!”


Let Children Enjoy Reading

"Well-meaning adults can easily destroy a child’s love of reading. Stop them reading what they enjoy or give them worthy-but-dull books that you like—the 21st-century equivalents of Victorian ‘improving’ literature—you’ll wind up with a generation convinced that reading is uncool and, worse, unpleasant."

--Neil Gaiman, Newbery Medal author of The Graveyard Book

Welcome Winchester Teachers presentation

Storytime Mustache Craft

Check out the cool mustaches we made in Preschool Storytime. We were inspired by the excellently funny books Baby Mustache by Bridget Heos (illustrated by Joy Ang) and Mustache by Mac Barnett (illustrated by Kevin Cornell).

Stop, Drop and Roll! It's Fire Safety Month!

To kick off fire safety month our friend Firefighter Josh visited us again and taught us yet another very important lesson! Stop, Drop and Roll!

First he read a book called Stop Drop and Roll by Margery Cuyler and then he gave us a demonstration before teaching our Junior Firefighters how to correctly stop, drop and roll. Finally be showed us his fire safety equipment, answered questions from the kids (and parents!) and gave everyone their own Junior Firefighter badge. Thank you again Firefighter Josh!


stop drop and roll


In Flight with the Museum of Science!

Yesterday we had a visit from the Museum of Science! They brought all kinds of tools and toys to help us understand how objects are able to fly! Thank you to Winchester Town Hall for letting us borrow the auditorium!