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Moose Season

Some of our Preschool Storytime Club members show off their newly grown antlers.

Wiinchester Wii Wiinter Olympiics 2014

In case you hadn't noticed, not all the action and excitement is in Sochi. In a hard fought battle, P.J. of Winchester won the Gold Medal in our first Winter Olympics Wii Snowboarding competition. Contending against 15 other athletes from all over Winchester, P.J. "nollied" his way to the top, finally defeating runner-up Nicole in a fiercely competitive battle. Collapsing over the finish line, P.J. breathlessly gave credit to all the library books he has read for his victory.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in this fun event. Keep your eyes open for more Wii competitions. Maybe there's a MarioKart victory in your future!

Pattycake Place!

Everyone loves Pattycake Place! If you have a child 2 years old or under stop by and see us on Thursday mornings at 10am. We sing, read, play and have a great time!


Shifty Librarians

As you may already have noticed, we've made some shelving changes, and we think it will make finding things even easier. So take a deep breath, fasten your seatbelts, and hold on.for a whirlwind tour:

  1. Paperback fiction has now been filed alongside the hardback versions, so you'll no longer have to search two different locations to find books by your favorite authors.
  2. DVDs are now shelved where the paperbacks used to be, on the spinning racks. Music cds and book-with-cd packs have been consolidated with audiobooks (where the DVDs used to be).
  3. Illustrated fiction (picture books with more sophisticated themes for older children) have been moved to the Picture Book room, and new picture books are now displayed on the shelves over the other picture books.

It may be a little confusing at first, but we think that in long run it will make everyone's life easier. Until then, as always, please feel free to ask us for help.

Suggested Gift Books 2013

Our annual list of suggested gift books is now available. You may download the PDF here, Suggested Gift Books 2013, or stop by the library to pick up a copy. We've included picture books, chapter books, non-fiction, and even a graphic novel--something for every child on your list.

Festive Cupcakes!

The holidays are right around the corner and we wanted to do something extra festive to celebrate! We couldn't think of a better way to kick-off the holiday season than to learn some fancy, holiday, cupcake decorating tips! Thank you to our friend and culinary craft extrodinarre Christi Showman Farrar who taught us all how to make these very special cupcakes!


Kids ages 7+ learned how to make their cupcakes look like Tukeys, Pies and Presents. Everyone had a great time! Sweet!