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Check out some awesome Lego machines

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During the month of May we hosted another three-week LEGO WeDo Robotics workshop, this time with kids in grades 2 to 5. Our group was pretty small - beautiful springtime weather will do that to indoor programs - but we had a great time.


Our first week was more of an introduction, but the kids caught on right away. These two are assembling and programming dancing birds and an airplane.


By week 2, we were branching out a bit. We started with designs and programs suggested by LEGO, and then we adapted them and even came up with our own! The kids had an optional challenge to create something that could be a new ride at the ENKA Fair.


This ride looks pretty awesome! Do you think the Lego figurine is thrilled or terrified?

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STEAM’s not just for big kids!

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The first Saturday in April we held a Preschool STEAM program for ages 3-6. We focused on light and shadows. We read stories, danced, sang songs, and talked about where light comes from, why shadows happen, and how the phases of the moon work. Then we broke into station activities around the room and kids did hands-on experiments to reinforce the scientific concepts we just learned about.


We had a great crowd, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time! Kids explored shadows of their hands, and they used flashlights to shine light through color paddles. This allowed them to explore how light can travel through some things but not others. They were also able to experiment with mixing primary colors together to make secondary colors.




At another station, families used Oreo cookies to recreate the phases of the moon as it travels around the earth each month. Frosting may be one of the most delicious ways to replicate a moon, and lots of kids enjoyed eating their experiments.


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LEGO Mindstorms: Battle Bots!

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The second half of our LEGO Mindstorms workshop culminated with Battle Bots! First the kids had to learn more about programming their robots, then they dove into designing one for battle.


At our fourth week, we learned about programming tools like loop blocks and switches. Then we explored a variety of sensors and learned a little about taking measurements and writing programs using the sensors.


Learning how to code using loops and switches.


Building a new piece onto their robots that utilizes a sensor.


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It’s Here! Pajama Drive 2018!

What’s more fun to shop for than children’s PJs?


For the second year, the Winchester Public Library is participating in a Pajama Drive. In collaboration with Cradles to Crayons, Wonder Fund, and the Boston Bruins, we’re collecting brand new children’s pajamas to donate to local kids and teens. These pajamas will be distributed through the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to local kids who need them.


Unfortunately, we can’t accept any gently used pajamas. They must be brand new with the tags still on them. And we’ll take any size, birth through teenagers - remember, big kids need PJs too!


Now through March 15, drop off your brand new PJs in the Children’s Room. You’ll see a big box next to a sign - just drop your donation in the box!


LEGO Mindstorms

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We’re halfway through our six-week LEGO Mindstorms workshop with fourth and fifth graders, and we’ve already learned a lot! The first week, we familiarized ourselves with our building materials and we practiced building a simple robot in teams of three.


 Exploring the many, many LEGOs in each Mindstorms set.


Someone's very camera shy.


Working together to build a robot


Coming Soon: TWO sessions of Itsy Bitsy Readers!

Itsy Bitsy Readers is our storytime program for for babies who are not yet walking and their caregivers. Over the past year, this program has become quite popular and has drawn increasingly large crowds.Since programs for babies work best in small groups, we’ve decided to add a second storytime session to accommodate this high demand! We will now host two storytimes with an open playtime in between.


Our new Wednesday morning schedule will be:


10:00-10:30pm - Itsy Bitsy Readers

Stories, songs, and rhymes led by a librarian.


10:30-11:00am - Itsy Bitsy Playtime

Stay after our first session or come early for our second session to spend some time playing with developmentally appropriate toys. You and your baby get a chance to socialize with other babies and families.


11:00-11:30am - Itsy Bitsy Readers

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