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Summer Reading Party!

It’s almost time for our Summer Reading Party!


You won’t want to miss the culmination of this year’s Summer Reading program! Join us for games, crafts, and live music for everyone who completed a bingo on their Summer Reading Bingo Card (so remember to bring your completed bingo cards). This year, weather permitting, we’ll have the party outside on the library lawn!


We’ll have amazingly fun musical entertainment from Toe Jam Puppet Band! Bring a blanket and sit on the grass, or be up and dancing along.


After the performance, we’ll draw names for our Summer Reading Raffle! Kids who’ve played and won our weekly games are eligible to win tons of awesome prizes.

Summer Reading!


It’s here! It’s here! Summer Reading officially begins on Monday, June 25!


Come in anytime before the Wrap-Up Party and sign up. You’ll get a Bingo card to record all of the reading you do this summer. If you complete 5 bingo squares in a row, then your card becomes your ticket to our awesome Summer Reading Wrap-Up Party! If you complete all of the squares on your bingo card, you’ll get an extra prize in addition to getting to come to the party!



Any books you read - or e-books or audiobooks - count toward your reading Bingo. We’ve also got some great lists of reading suggestions for you, in case you want ideas.



Plus, each week we’ll have a fun game to play here in the library. All you need to do is check out a book and you get to play! You can try once per…

Battle of the Books!

Congratulations to Winchester’s 4th and 5th graders for a successful culmination of their Reading Rocks program at the 2017 Battle of the Books!


Each year the elementary school librarians and the Winchester Public librarians work together to create a list of 20 awesome books. Kids are then challenged to read as many of these books as they can. Kids who read 5 books get to vote on their favorites. Kids who read 8 books are entered in a drawing to participate on their school’s trivia team. These teams compete at an annual Battle of the Books trivia competition!


This year, over 400 kids read at least 5 books and voted on their favorites. The winners are:

3rd Place: Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier

2nd Place: Fog Diver by Joel Ross

1st Place: The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Bradley


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Check out some awesome Lego machines

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During the month of May we hosted another three-week LEGO WeDo Robotics workshop, this time with kids in grades 2 to 5. Our group was pretty small - beautiful springtime weather will do that to indoor programs - but we had a great time.


Our first week was more of an introduction, but the kids caught on right away. These two are assembling and programming dancing birds and an airplane.


By week 2, we were branching out a bit. We started with designs and programs suggested by LEGO, and then we adapted them and even came up with our own! The kids had an optional challenge to create something that could be a new ride at the ENKA Fair.


This ride looks pretty awesome! Do you think the Lego figurine is thrilled or terrified?

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STEAM’s not just for big kids!

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The first Saturday in April we held a Preschool STEAM program for ages 3-6. We focused on light and shadows. We read stories, danced, sang songs, and talked about where light comes from, why shadows happen, and how the phases of the moon work. Then we broke into station activities around the room and kids did hands-on experiments to reinforce the scientific concepts we just learned about.


We had a great crowd, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time! Kids explored shadows of their hands, and they used flashlights to shine light through color paddles. This allowed them to explore how light can travel through some things but not others. They were also able to experiment with mixing primary colors together to make secondary colors.




At another station, families used Oreo cookies to recreate the phases of the moon as it travels around the earth each month. Frosting may be one of the most delicious ways to replicate a moon, and lots of kids enjoyed eating their experiments.


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LEGO Mindstorms: Battle Bots!

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The second half of our LEGO Mindstorms workshop culminated with Battle Bots! First the kids had to learn more about programming their robots, then they dove into designing one for battle.


At our fourth week, we learned about programming tools like loop blocks and switches. Then we explored a variety of sensors and learned a little about taking measurements and writing programs using the sensors.


Learning how to code using loops and switches.


Building a new piece onto their robots that utilizes a sensor.


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