LEGO Mindstorms: Battle Bots!

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The second half of our LEGO Mindstorms workshop culminated with Battle Bots! First the kids had to learn more about programming their robots, then they dove into designing one for battle.


At our fourth week, we learned about programming tools like loop blocks and switches. Then we explored a variety of sensors and learned a little about taking measurements and writing programs using the sensors.


Learning how to code using loops and switches.


Building a new piece onto their robots that utilizes a sensor.


Working as a team to add onto their robots.


At our fifth session, we polished up our knowledge of coding - or at least as much as we could fit in during the time we had. Then, we started working on our Battle Bots!


First we went over the rules for how the battle would go.



Each team began developing their plan for their Battle Bot.


Both teams chose to build a base of Tank Bot, and modify their designs from there.


The final week was all about finishing up our robots and then battling them!


Working on finishing their robot



Putting the finishing touches on their version of Tank Bot.


After building, kids had to program their robots to move how they wanted them to.


This team had a pretty great code.


Each team came up with a name. Wall-E vs Savage Stalker Potatoes!


Our first round of battle ended in a draw. (Click picture to watch the video in YouTube.)


Savage Stalker Potatoes won Round 2.


Between rounds, the kids got to modify their robots and programming.


This team chose to make only minor tweaks.


Round 3 was a close battle, but Savage Stalker Potatoes came out with the win.


Here’s our final score!


Everyone did a great job learning so much in a short time, and we had a ton of fun! Keep an eye on our calendar for even more LEGO and computer programming fun throughout the rest of the year!




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