LEGO Mindstorms

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We’re halfway through our six-week LEGO Mindstorms workshop with fourth and fifth graders, and we’ve already learned a lot! The first week, we familiarized ourselves with our building materials and we practiced building a simple robot in teams of three.


 Exploring the many, many LEGOs in each Mindstorms set.


Someone's very camera shy.


Working together to build a robot


The second week was a little different because half of our group was out sick! Luckily, everyone’s feeling better now. We didn’t want our out-sick friends to feel left behind, so we decided to delay programming our robots. Instead we re-worked our teams and built a different robot.


Looking through our supplies to start building our robot


 This robot is on its way!


Last week, we were able to begin programming our initial robots to move. We learned how to make them drive in lots of different directions, and we wrote code to make them play sounds and display images on the robot’s screen!


First the kids wrote programming code on the computer.


Then they transferred the code to the small computer they built into their robots.


This robot drove across the table, but the kids were ready to catch it!


This team wanted to try driving their robot up and down a ramp. It worked!


This week we’re learning some more programming tips, including loops, wait blocks, and switches. And then we’ll dive into using sensors to make our robots react to the environment around them! Stay tuned to find out more!





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