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STEAM Into the New Year!



Have you been itching to experiment with our Lego WeDo Robotics equipment? Have you ever wondered how inventors create new robots? Looking for some quality time in the great outdoors? We’ve got you covered! We are kicking off 2019 with tons of great STEAM programming!


Kids can let their creativity shine while they work on beginning engineering skills using Lego bricks! We’ll provide lots of Legos to play with, you supply the ideas. For ages 4 and up. No need to register, just drop-in anytime between 10:30 and noon.

Saturday, January 5, 10:30am-12:00pm

Lego WeDo Robotics

Sign up for a 3-week workshop where you’ll learn how to use the Lego motors and sensors along with the computer programming software to make your creations move. This workshop series will be for kids in grades 2 through 5. If you’ve done a Lego robotics program here before, you’re welcome to come again. This will also be a great program for kids who’ve never tried Lego WeDo before and would like to learn how. You only need to register once, and your child will be registered for all three sessions.

Wednesday, January 9, 3:30-5:00pm

Wednesday, January 16, 3:30-5:00pm

Wednesday, January 23, 3:30-5:00pm


Find out what it’s like to work in the robotics industry with our friends from iRobot! The company that invented the Roomba will be here to give you a peek into real life inventions. They’ll even bring robots to demo for us! No need to register, but we’ll start right at 3:30.

Thursday, January 10, 3:30pm


At every STEAM Club we explore some element of science, technology, engineering, art, or math with hands-on, in-depth experiments! You won’t want to miss this month’s fun! Register beginning January 3 on our online calendar. For grades 2-5.

Thursday, January 24, 4:30pm


Even in the cold of winter, it’s fun to be outdoors and learn a little about the environment in the process! We’ll have tons of fun playing on the library lawn, and learning while we do it! For children ages 18 months through 8 years old with a caregiver.

LEGO Mindstorms: Battle Bots!

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The second half of our LEGO Mindstorms workshop culminated with Battle Bots! First the kids had to learn more about programming their robots, then they dove into designing one for battle.


At our fourth week, we learned about programming tools like loop blocks and switches. Then we explored a variety of sensors and learned a little about taking measurements and writing programs using the sensors.


Learning how to code using loops and switches.


Building a new piece onto their robots that utilizes a sensor.


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LEGO Mindstorms

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We’re halfway through our six-week LEGO Mindstorms workshop with fourth and fifth graders, and we’ve already learned a lot! The first week, we familiarized ourselves with our building materials and we practiced building a simple robot in teams of three.


 Exploring the many, many LEGOs in each Mindstorms set.


Someone's very camera shy.


Working together to build a robot


Junior Builders

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This weekend we had a full house for our Junior Builders program! Led by Rob Leduc, the children and their grown-ups used hammers, nails, and pegs to build their very own wooden trucks!



STEAM through the Summer

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Just because school’s out, it doesn’t mean we have to take a break from all the awesome science, technology, engineering, art, and math programs we do here at the library! In fact, we’ve got a ton of awesome STEAM-related programs planned for these scorching hot months!


Lego WeDo Drop-In

Wednesdays, July 12 and August 9, 3:00-5:00pm

Kids who have already attended a Lego WeDo Robotics Workshop during the 2016-2017 school year can use the equipment to create whatever their imaginations come up with! Ages 7 and up. Registration is required and is open now.


Creature Teachers

Wednesday, July 19, 3:30pm

Creature Teachers will bring live animals to the library! Kids will find out about the animals and their habitats, so they’ll get some fun exposure to biology, ecology, and zoology! Ages 4 and up. No need to register.



Another Successful Round of LEGO WeDo Robotics

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Two groups, one made up of second- and third-graders, one of fourth- and fifth-graders, just completed two workshops using Lego WeDo Robotics equipment. We spent the first two weeks learning about scientific concepts and practicing using the Lego software. The third and final week, the kids got to build and program whatever they wanted.

In the second and third grade group, some of the pairs built Lego-designed machines, and some designed their own machines. We saw airplanes, battering rams, and (rather deadly) amusement park rides.

This invention plows people over.


Here we have a Lego figurine riding an alligator like a bucking bronco!


We only had a few kids attend the final session of the fourth and fifth grade workshop, so each person got to use a Lego kit without having to share. Everyone came up with their own ideas, including amusement park rides*, cars, and machines that can knock down paper cups.

This amusement park ride works like a combination of a catapult and a bungee jump. Ride at your own risk.


Riders are spun around in both directions on this dangerous ride.


Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for more photos, and videos will be coming soon!


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