We’ve Lost Our Marbles (in a Maze)!

We made marble mazes in STEAM Club!

Have you heard about STEAM Club? About half a dozen times per year, we do STEAM programs for kids in grades 2-5. We focus on a wide variety of scientific topics, and we do a hands-on activity every time. In previous STEAM Clubs, we’ve dissected owl pellets, made slime, and catapulted marshmallows!


This time, we explored the physics of motion using marbles. We discussed gravity, friction, and how the angle of a marble run affects the marble’s movement. We discussed a couple of Newton’s Laws of Motion.  Then we used this knowledge to make our own marble mazes in shoe boxes!


We’ll continue to do STEAM Club periodically throughout the year, so keep an eye out for it in the future! Check out a couple more photos before, and visit our Facebook page for even more pictures of our marble fun!


Just getting started after discussing gravity, friction, angles, and more!



Hard at work!

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