Lego WeDo Robotics, Week 1

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This week was a busy one in the world of LEGO Robotics! On Thursday, we began a 3-week workshop using LEGO WeDo Robotics with second and third graders.


We began the day by discussion six types of simple machines. Then, after a brief introduction to how the LEGO software works, kids worked together to create and program robots with their LEGOs! They looked for simple machines within the designs of their robots, and they explored how to break instructions down for computer programming.

Check out some photos of the fun!

After discussing six types of simple machines and learning a little about the LEGO software, we began building robots!


These friends asked if they could work as a group of 3. Here they're starting to build an alligator robot.


This group's starting work on an airplane.


This group chose to work on a giant who gets pulled to a standing position with a crane mechanism.


Here we have legs that can be programmed to kick a soccer ball (or, in our case, a ball of aluminum foil).


Working together to build that alligator


Programming the motors to make the legs kick

We'll see you all next week as we continue building and programming!

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