Mindstorms' First Completed Robots

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This week we really dove into using our LEGO Mindstorms equipment. The kids worked in two teams to create EXPLOR3R robots. The process of building these robots involved a lot of detailed exploration of building instructions, and they had to be very specific in where they placed their LEGO pieces.


After each team had completed building their robot, we used very basic programming elements that are already built into the EV3 brick, the small computer that controls the robot. The kids learned how to run a demo program to see an example for how the robot can move around a space.


Next week we will plug in our robots and begin computer programming. We will design a program to direct the robot to move in certain ways and, if we have time, we’ll learn how to write code that will utilize the robot’s computer screen and speakers.

Here are some pictures of our work, and videos of each of the robots running on the demo program!

One student brought one of his Mindstorms creations from home to show everybody. It was pretty awesome!


Getting started on the EXPLOR3R robot


Looking at the building instructions together


Making careful adjustments together


Some steps in the instructions have sub-steps.


A finished EXPLOR3R robot!


Turning the robot on


These guys are about to finish their robot too. Now on to running a program!


Let's watch the robots move!


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