First LEGO Workshops of 2017

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We kicked off our 2017 LEGO science programming with a two-week LEGO WeDo Robotics workshop for kids in grades 2 & 3.


We briefly discussed simple machines and how they would be incorporated into the machines we’d be making. We also covered the basics of computer programming and how to use the LEGO software. Then, in pairs, kids chose which LEGO machines they wanted to build and program.


Since kids were able to choose their own projects, we got to see a much wider variety of creations! Here’s a collection of photos from both sessions!


The group gets started!


We're starting to get familiar with the LEGO software.


Building is underway!


This team chose to make the spinning top. During our second workshop, we watched a video about using this top in microgravity on the International Space Station!


This pair was also working on the spinning top!


This team made a pair of legs that kicked a "soccer ball" (made of aluminum foil).


This is an adaptation of one of the models suggested by LEGO. This pair took inspiration from the design and then made their own machine!


Experimenting with the spinning top! This was a popular machine to make.


During the second week of our workshop, this team made a drumming monkey.


This team tried the kicking legs in week 2.


Remember the drumming monkey? Now they're modifying it, again creating their very own machine!


This team was inspired to try out the spinning top after we watched it used in space.


This group decided to try out the spinning top on the floor!


We’ve got a whole bunch of LEGO and other STEAM programming lined up for the rest of the spring, so keep an eye on our calendar! We’ll be doing Mindstorms with grades 4&5 and more WeDo Robotics with grades 2&3 in March. Registration for these programs will begin mid-February.

And as always, just ask us if you have any questions.

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