Monkey See Monkey Drum

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At 2016’s final session of LEGO WeDo Robotics, we made monkeys who played the drums. We learned about levers and cams, then used both to create our robots. The kids programmed their monkeys to play the drums, then experimented with how the placement of the cams affected the rhythms the monkeys drummed.


After completing this basic challenge, the kids experimented even more! Some programmed their monkeys to make sounds, and some kids recorded their own sounds. (This part, admittedly, got a little zany.) Some changed their robots to look a little different, as you’ll see in the pictures and videos below.

Check out the different ways our monkeys moved in these fun videos!


 This is the first iteration, the monkey's drumming the "regular" way.


One student experimented with the motor speed to make her monkey drum reeeeaaally slooooowly.


What if the cups weren't drums, but hands?


Check out this creative head placement!


And some photos of the fun:

Diving in.


This monkey's almost looking like a monkey.




A completed drummer!


Watch out LEGO figurine! This monkey's got some King Kong tendencies.


Monkeying around.

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