Our last LEGO Workshops of 2016

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Yesterday was the first session of our final LEGO WeDo robotics workshop of the year. Fourth- and fifth-graders learned about pulleys and belt-drive systems. They made dancing birds and programmed them to move and tweet. They also experimented with various arrangements and sizes of their belt-drive systems and to see how the speed and direction was affected.


There are still two more weeks left for this group of kids, and then we’ll close for the year. But keep an eye out! We’ll do more workshops in 2017!


And now, of course, some photos!

We decided to try setting up the laptops on the floor instead of on tables. Also, the kids were responsible for powering up their own laptops.


Getting down to business.


Here's one interpretation to program the dancing birds! This student wrote 4 separate lines of code to make the birds do a variety of actions.


This student made a different code to get the birds to dance. It's always amazing how many different ways there are to write code.

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