Wrapping Up Another Workshop

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Yesterday was the final session of this LEGO workshop for grades 2 & 3. We discussed how levers work to lift heavy weights, and the kids had the opportunity to make a bird machine utilizing levers and a tilt sensor.


The best part of the session, though, was that we left lots of time for kids to experiment on their own. Some decided to try other LEGO-provided ideas, and we had all sorts of great ideas for kid-invented machines.


In 2017 we’ll do more LEGO WeDo workshops for kids in grades 2 & 3, so keep an eye on our calendar! We didn’t have anyone on the waitlist for this session, so kids who’ve already done a workshop in 2016 can sign up to do another one in 2017!


And now, some photos and a couple videos to enjoy!


Just diving in for the day


Getting started


One of our bird creations


This group made their own invention using both the motor and a sensor.


Teamwork! They're developing a "deadly" machine. Our LEGO figurines may be feeling a little nervous.


Close up of the action


Kicking legs kicked a duct tape "soccer ball" and our poor friend Max the LEGO figurine.


After finishing the bird, this group has just started dismantling it for parts for their own invention.


These soccer legs kicked over a chain reaction of LEGO dominos!


Click the video to head over to YouTube and view a video of one group's LEGO Spinner.


Here's a soccer goalie that really blocks the goal! (Again, click to see a YouTube video!)

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