Spinning Tops and More!

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In today’s session of Lego WeDo Robotics, our fourth- and fifth-graders learned about types of gears and how to make them move in different directions and at different speeds. We created tops and machines to make the tops spin, which we used to experiment with different kinds of gear movement.


Kids were given some freedom on what projects they wanted to work on. Most kids had started machines at the first session that they finished before they moved on to the project I had originally planned for today. Other kids started with the spinning top, then moved on to another machine of their choosing. We got to see a lot of different kinds of machines today!

Check out some more photos below!

One additional project was a sailboat that was programmed to rock when a key was pressed on the computer.


Another student was working on a mechanical pair of legs that could kick a soccer ball.


Here's a close-up of the finished product! It did great kicking our "soccer ball" and even kicked the Lego figurine!

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