Watch Out for Those Alligators!

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At our second session of Lego WeDo Robotics, our second- and third-graders built alligators. They then programmed the alligators to open and close their mouths, first on key command, then using a motion sensor. When they were finished, their alligators could chomp down on anything that got too close to their mouths. Watch out!

To create this machine, we learned about and then utillized gears, pulleys, and belt drive systems. The kids did a great job thinking about how to create a computer program to control their alligators. Every team wrote a different code, and some even added in extra features like sounds.

The kids were moving along quicklys, so we had enough time to let them come up with their own ideas for what else to do with their gators. Then some teams moved on to other machines and creations.

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Who knows was next week will hold!

Special note: No animals were harmed during the making of this Lego workshop!

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